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Elective Professional Client
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Elective Professional Client

Notice of Treatment as an Elective Professional Client

Under the Conduct of Business (“COBS”) Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), we are proposing to categorise you as an Elective Professional Client. This categorisation would be on the basis of your experience and understanding of the risks involved in investing in unlisted companies.

Please note that we are not providing advice on the merit of an investment or any service we provide. Should you be in any doubt, please seek specialist financial advice.

We are required to set out details of the protections that you will lose by virtue of this categorisation and to seek your consent to be categorised as an Elective Professional Client. By being categorised as an Elective Professional Client you will lose the protections of the rules which only apply to Retail Clients.

In particular you should note that rules relating to the following areas do not apply, or only partially apply to Elective Professional Clients:

  • Communicating with clients, including financial promotions:
    As an Elective Professional Client, we may communicate with you differently to the way in which we would communicate with a Retail Client. However, we must still ensure that our communications with you are fair, clear and not misleading.

  • Distance communications:
    As an Elective Professional Client, it is possible that you may not meet the definition of a “consumer”. In this case, the requirements relating to distance communications will not apply.

  • Information about firm, its services and remuneration:
    There are specific pieces of information about the firm, our services and remuneration that we must provide to Retail Clients. We are obliged to provide information on these areas to all clients, but the level of detail, medium, and timing of the provision is not as strict for Elective Professional Clients.

  • Client agreements:
    As an Elective Professional Client, we are required to have a client agreement with you. However, the medium of this agreement and the timeframe within which it must be agreed are more flexible than if you were a Retail Client.

  • Appropriateness:
    For transactions where we do not provide you with a personal recommendation, as on this site, we may be required to assess whether the transaction is appropriate for you. In these instances, we are entitled to assume that, in relation to the products, transactions and services for which you are classified as an Elective Professional Client, you have the necessary level of experience and knowledge to understand the risks involved in the transaction.

  • Reporting information to clients:
    When providing confirmation that we have carried out your order, the timeframe for us to do so is greater than if you were a Retail Client.

Finally, you should note that the services of the Financial Ombudsman Service may not be available to you as an Elective Professional Client unless you are a natural person acting for purposes of your profession, business or trade.

If you agree to be categorised as an Elective Professional Client please tick the box below.

Notice of treatment as an Elective Professional Client for the purposes of the FCA’s rules on the basis of experience and understanding (pursuant to COB 3.5.3)

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