About Us

REGIONALLY is a private members investment exchange that matches growing successful companies with qualified and specialist investors in a marketplace. We offer companies the opportunity to raise up to £5m in either equity (shares) or bonds (debts) at a fraction of the cost of other fund-raising options. Investors at REGIONALLY have access to a wide range of local and national companies that are seeking help and have demonstrated to REGIONALLY that they are able to pay dividends, interest or have a very clear growth and exit strategy.

Founded in 2018 by Justin Urquhart Stewart, the founding partner of 7 Investment Management, and Jim Odell, an experienced company director, REGIONALLY is designed to address the funding gap. Justin has talked about the funding gap over the past 10 years and as a leading finance specialist and commentator, has observed how the situation for SME’s has deteriorated over the past 5 years. REGIONALLY is Justin’s response to that funding gap; bringing together his financial services expertise and market knowledge with an expert management team who are connecting investors with companies in a fully regulated and controlled environment.

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Our People

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart


  • Investor Relations
  • Brand Ambassador
Jim Odell

Jim Odell

Co-founder, Chairman

  • Governance
  • Shareholder relations
  • Strategy